In accordance with the federal regulations set forth the by The Higher Education Act of 1965 (amended in 1998), educational institutions are required to disclose specific consumer information about the school and the availability of student financial aid to prospective and continuing students. The following is a detailed list of consumer information and references to additional details and/or reports.

Institutional Information


Title II Reports

  • : National Teacher Preparation Data.


Financial Aid Information

  • Applying for Aid: Applying for financial aid is easy at Alvernia. We encourage you to apply, even if you feel you may not be eligible for assistance. Pennsylvania residents should file the before the May 1 state grant deadline. Be sure to list 鶹Ƶ as one of the schools that will receive your information. Our school code is 003233.
  • Available Aid Programs: 鶹Ƶ offers a program of financial assistance that includes grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study opportunities.
  • Determination of Eligibility: Financial aid eligibility differs depending upon the degree program in which you are enrolling.  Minimum requirements are broken down by degree program.
  • : Alvernia's recommended lenders for alternative loans.
  • Rights and Responsibilities of Receiving Financial Aid: Know your rights and requirements when you obtain financial assistance.


Student Loan Information

Health and Safety


Student Outcomes

  • Job Placement for Graduates: The career services office is staffed by career development professionals to assist students and alumni in all phases of occupational exploration, career planning, and job seeking.
  • Public Safety Information: Annual security report and crime statistics.
  • Student Demographics: Profile information on the Alvernia student population
  • Student Performance on Licensing Exams: A roundup of scores on various licensing examinations.
  • Student Accomplishments: Students receive recognition for their achievements while also creating a profile – a Merit page – that they can use for jobs, internships, and references after graduation.


Student Right-to-Know Act Information

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University Information