We are ready to help develop your itinerary to discover new places, and experience new cultures. You might wish to visit a certain country or just fill your resume with a variety of treasured experiences.

The Office of Global Engagement offers a variety of short-term faculty-led programs, as well as semester and year-long programs, each of which presents students with the opportunity to engage in new culture while studying abroad, enroll in courses that provide a new understanding, and leave the world in which they are familiar.

Current Offerings


USAC offers multiple locations in over 14 countries for everything from gen eds to core courses in a variety of fields of study. Programs are available for the semester or the summer. .

SHU in Dingle

Year-round opportunities for most majors in quaint Dingle, Ireland. .

Florence University of the Arts

Spend a summer in the beautiful, bustling city of Florence, Italy while earning business or gen ed credits. .

Semester Long and Summer Programs
  • Available for most majors
  • Multiple countries

Important Deadlines

  • Fall Semester Programs: April 1, Alvernia application deadline
  • Winter Session Programs: Sept. 1, Alvernia application deadline
  • Spring Semester Programs: Sept. 1, Alvernia application deadline
  • Summer Session Programs: Feb. 1, Alvernia application deadline

How to Apply

To apply to a study abroad program, students must meet with our Study Abroad Office to discuss program fees/costs and review the application process. For more information:

Karen Giordano
Study Abroad Coordinator

Contact: karen.giordano@alvernia.edu |




In This Section

Student Life

Study Abroad to China 2019
Why Study Abroad?
• You may rarely have the time and freedom to do this again as easily after you graduate and start a career.
• Make lasting friendships across the world.
• It's affordable! Pre-approved programs are payable with Alvernia tuition and your financial aid most of the time will travel with you.
• Set yourself apart when looking for jobs. Employers consider study abroad to show leadership, initiative, and communication skills.
• Learn a second language!
• Become comfortable working with and interacting with people of other cultures.
• Expand your horizons and your independence.
• Gain a deeper understanding of your field through internships, field trips, and experiential learning.
• Take your place as a global citizen.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Study Abroad?


Is There Financial Aid Available?

Limited, need-based scholarship assistance may be available from a variety of sources. The Study Abroad Office can help you research available scholarship funds. There may be an option to apply for additional or increased loans to cover travel costs if necessary.

Students are invited to apply for a Real-World Learning Award when applying abroad on the .

How Far Ahead Should I Plan?

At least 6 months ahead, although in some cases you can complete all the applications faster to meet deadlines for both 鶹Ƶ and the host program.

Can I Go with a Friend or with a Group?

You apply to your choice of program as an individual. Sometimes a friend can be accepted into the same program, but often students like the challenge of studying abroad independently and meeting people from other cultures. But you are not alone; you are housed with other international students and often American students, in a variety of pre-approved university housing choices, and in-country residence staff are available at all times.

I never studied abroad before. Does that matter?

No. You will be given resources to prepare yourself well for this experience by both our Global Engagement Staff and also receive a comprehensive orientation by our program partners. Most people studying abroad have a very positive experience even if it is their first time overseas!

I have a lot of questions and maybe some concerns. What should I do?

Please . We will work with you to guide you through this process and help you identify a program that works for you! Also, we will help you transition back to campus and integrate your experiences back into your resume and classes upon your return. Buon Viaggio!


Students Discuss Their Experiences

"During spring break, we traveled to Dingle, Ireland, to explore the Irish history and culture as well as attend several amazing lectures about healthcare and OT in Ireland. Our days were packed full of wonderful experiences exploring the beautiful country." - Courtney, Inter-professional Experience Spring Break to Dingle, Ireland 2019

"This experience, much like my DR mission trip, was life-changing, but in a different way.  Being able to meet students from another country who share the same passion as me was so exciting. Even with the language barrier, it was evident that the students truly love what they are doing." - Hayley, Haiti 2018

"This trip helped me get out of my comfort zone and exposed me to a way of life I had never experienced before.  I was able to learn so much about the Dominican culture, medical practice, and occupational therapy in general, which has helped shape my view on the profession and what I may want to do in the future.  I am so grateful for the time I spent furthering my education in the Dominican Republic, and the chance to make a difference in the lives of patients we encountered." - Taylor, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2019

"I have created new friendships and partnerships that will hopefully continue with the beginnings of this program.  I was able to experience a culture that is far from American culture.  I want to live my life differently than the fast-paced culture that I am used to and ask more questions about the way that we live our lives." - Arielle, China 2017

"There is no one word to describe my experience in Spain.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip where seven students went and didn't know each other before and now we are close.  I could not imagine what I would have missed out on if I had not taken this opportunity.  It was worth everything to go on this trip to experience Spain." - Katlyn, Spain 2019